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13 April 2018

A Spring Recipe from our Head Chef, Ross Sloan

Slow roasted beetroot, smoked goats cheese custard, horseradish, damson, chia seeds


Equipment needed

Roasting trays small and large

Tin foil

Heavy duty blender ( vita prep 3 or similar )


2 x squeezy bottle

Slow roasted beetroot

2 x extra large beetroot, most likely the biggest you have ever seen.

Rape seed oil, cold pressed.


Salt and pepper

Smoked goats cheese custard

200g smoked goats cheese ( we smoke our own )

200ml double cream

9 x whole eggs

Salt & white pepper

Horseradish sauce

1 x whole horseradish, peeled and grated

200g mayonnaise


vinegar ( white wine )

Damson jelly 

300ml damson syrup

3 x gelatine leaves

Chia seed crackers

160 g chai seeds

300ml water

2g salt

To serve

12 x quarters of baby pickled purple beetroot

12 x quarters of baby pickled candy stripe beetroot

12 x redwood sorrel leaves

12 x red amaranth leaves

Beet molasses (we make our own, basically its reduced beetroot juice and little sugar to syrup consistency)



Cut two steaks from each beetroot, don’t worry about peeling them, you can do this once they’re cooked. Place in a roasting pan, drizzle rapeseed oil, thyme and salt and pepper over each slice, cover the tray in tin foil and roast in the oven at 140.c for about 2-4 hrs, once cooked, peel and leave to cool.



Heat the cream in a saucepan add the goat's cheese, blend in the vita prep with the eggs and season to taste. Pour the mix into a deep small roasting tray and bake at 150.c for 35 mins until set, once set blend the custard in the vita prep to achieve a thick custard consistency, pour into a squeezy bottle.



Place the grated horseradish into the blender add a cap full of vinegar and teaspoon of sugar, add the mayo then blend until super smooth, transfer this to a squeezy bottle.



Soak the gelatine leaves in water, heat the syrup on the stove and add the soaked gelatine leaves, skim any foam that occurs and discards, pour the jelly into a mould then chill till set. Once set dice into cubes.



Soak the seeds in water with salt for at least 4 hrs, once bloomed it will have a gelatinous texture, spread this on baking parchment and dry in the dehydrator until dried and crisp, you could do this in a very low oven, break into shards.



Take the beetroot steaks dress in beet molasses, rapeseed oil and season with salt and pepper, place each steak on a plate, pipe three big blobs of the custard on each steak, add 3 blobs of horseradish, 3 of each pickled beets, 3-4 cubes of damson jelly, place 3 shards of chai seed cracker and wood sorrel and amaranth.