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17 January 2018

A Recipe from our Head Chef, Ross Sloan

Crispy Breaded Mackerel, Remoulade Puree, Beets, Watercress, Sea Aster

If you are looking for inspiration for dinner tonight, why not try a creative fish dish by our head chef, Ross Sloan, which made it into the top 10 of The Staff Canteen's amazing Chef+ members for December 2017.

This dish is my take on a mackerel sandwich. The acidity in the remoulade puree helps to cut through the richness and oil in the fish, the beetroot brings some earthiness into the dish, whilst the watercress and sea aster bring pepperiness and salty flavours, which bring the whole dish together nicely.

This dish pairs superbly with Polgoon’s Bacchus 2016, which is only made down the road – ideal!


Equipment needed

Non-stick frying pan

Large Pasta Machine

Heavy duty blender (vita prep 3 or similar)

1 x squeezy bottle

1 x medium saucepan               


Crispy Breaded Mackerel

2 x medium-size mackerel (filleted)

4 x white bread slices (crusts removed)

Remoulade puree


 ½ a celeriac

100g capers

1 x tablespoon of coarse grain mustard

50g dill


White wine vinegar

Watercress Puree

200g watercress leaves

100g spinach leaves


To Serve

12 x Sea Aster leaves

4 x quarters of cooked purple beetroot

4 x quarters of cooked yellow beetroot

4 x quarters of cooked candy stripe beetroot


Crispy Breaded Mackerel

Cut each mackerel fillet in half lengthways, then again, this time width ways. You should have 4 x finger sized mackerel pieces per fillet.

Roll the bread slices through the pasta machine on the thinnest setting possible.

Wrap each mackerel fillet finger in the rolled-out bread. Trim excess bread and push down to seal the sandwich.

Remoulade Puree

Peel and cut the celeriac into matchstick-size pieces. In a bowl, add the celeriac with a sprinkling of sugar and two caps of vinegar. Leave to stand for ten minutes, this draws any moisture out of the celeriac.

Squeeze out any left-over liquid from the celeriac, add chopped capers, mustard and dill, then add mayonnaise to bind. Transfer this to the vita prep and blend until smooth. Add more mayonnaise if necessary.

Watercress Puree

Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Blanch the watercress and spinach for 10 seconds then set the colour in an ice bath.

Blend the blanched leaves with a little mayonnaise until silky smooth. Transfer puree to a squeezy bottle.

To Serve

Pan fry the mackerel sandwiches, seal side down first, in a little oil. Turn the fillets constantly to ensure an even golden colour. Once cooked, place on absorbent paper and rest.

On a plate take a large spoon of remoulade puree and spread this across the plate and squeeze on three dots of watercress puree. Place the mackerel on the purees so that they are upright. Add one-quarter of each beetroot and three Sea Aster leaves to each plate.