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31 August 2018

Foodie Foraging this September

Find out more about wild food this autumn from sorrel and sow thistle to hogweed and honeysuckle.

Our head chef, Ross Sloan, can often be found froaging the waters around Marazion for sea plants to add to his creative dishes - So we thought we would share a few of the foraging events you can experience throughout September.

9th SeptemberForage and Picnic with wild food expert Emma Gunn, St Michael's Mount: "Take a walk in the Northern Woods of St Michael’s Mount with wild food expert Emma Gunn. Be inspired by food located in the wild and get back to nature, learning what is edible along the coastal path or in the woods, and get a true taste of the bay."

11th September - Seaweed Forage & Cookery, Fat Hen: "This course is designed for those of you who want a specific knowledge of our edible seaweeds and how to incorporate them into your diet in a delicious way. Seaweeds are commonly bought from speciality shops, usually from Asia, dried and packed in plastic. We have an untapped resource on our door step and this course aims to show you how to transform the somewhat slimey stuff on the beach into the delicacy you may have tried in a Japanese restaurant."

15th September - Vegan Wild Food Cookery, Fat Hen: "This is a day for people who would like to learn how to incorporate wild foods into a plant based diet free of animal products. We will use our seasonal herbs, vegetables, seaweeds, flowers, roots, berries and fungi alongside other plant based ingredients."

23rd SeptemberForage and Picnic with wild food expert Emma Gunn, St Michael's Mount: "If you have always wanted to know what food you can forage in the wild, or if you are an expert in foraging, this walk will be insightful and enjoyable with the opportunity to forage  many things, from sorrel and sow thistle to hogweed and honeysuckle."

28th September - Forage, Cook & Feast, Fat Hen: "This course is designed for anyone who is inquisitive about wild food and foraging and is aimed at adults but is open to all. We touch on the wide variety of wild foods available with an introduction to cooking fish and/or wild game."

30th September - Autumn Foraging Course with Tasters, Rachel Lambert: "A three hour course suitable for beginners and experienced foragers. The foraging walks, held at Gwithian, are 2-3 miles long, with lots of stops to learn along the way. Each course covers, 8-10 wild foods, plant identification, picking, cooking and processing tips, recipes and nutritional and medicinal information (where known), homemade snacks with wild ingredients and potential mistakes and look-a-like plants, as well as legal, sustainability and safety guidelines."