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20 June 2019

Jubilee Pool

Find out more about what's going on at Penzance's very own art-deco lido

Think of thermal pools and thoughts of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and Budapest’s thermal baths come springing to mind (excuse the pun). These hotspots draw visitors from far and wide to enjoy deliciously warm waters throughout the year – sometimes in stark contrast to the biting air of winter months. But did you know that you will soon be able to visit an outdoor geothermal pool much, much closer to home?

You could naturally be forgiven for not making the link between Cornwall and hot springs, but sure enough, our beautiful county will soon become home to the UK’s first geothermally heated pool. Where you ask? Well, just down the road in Penzance. One of the country’s few remaining lidos, Penzance’s Jubilee Pool is at the centre of a very exciting new project to rejuvenate the town and provide an unparalleled attraction.

Constructed in 1935, the golden age of lidos in the UK, the Jubilee Pool was named after King George V’s silver jubilee. A celebrated Art Deco lido, it has battled the wind and the waves over the years, protected valiantly by dedicated locals committed to its preservation. Now facing its most exciting chapter yet, locals and visitors alike can look forward to year-round swimming in blissful temperatures, looking out at views of St Michael’s Mount and breathing in the fresh sea air.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry. Following a massively successfully CrowdFunder campaign in 2018, the Jubilee Pool’s geothermal project successfully raised an impressive £528,680 from 1,380 national and international investors. Steamrolling ahead, a well as deep as one and a half Eiffel towers has already been drilled, tapping into veins 410 meters below ground. Pumping out consistently warm water, an area of the Jubilee Pool will be heated to a gorgeous 35°c. All year.

If you can’t wait to experience the geothermal pool for yourself, plans are in place to reopen on the 27th July 2019. Also hoping to open a bigger café, heated showers, changing rooms and better visitor facilities, there are lots of things to look forward to. See you there!

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