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28 January 2019

Meet the Team - Annys Eastwood, General Manager

If you've ever been to the Mount Haven, you'll already know a few of the wonderful members of our team. We thought it would be good to get to know them a little better, starting with our General Manager, Annys Eastwood.

How long have you been General Manager at the Mount Haven?
Just over a year and a half, I came on board just ahead of our reopening in May 2017.

What changes are being made during the winter closure?
We are having the last three en-suite bathrooms updated so they are in line with the work we have already had done which is such a great feeling. To have all our bedrooms at the same quality will be a great achievement. Our treatment room is being changed into our 20th bedroom and one of our Garden Haven rooms is being reconfigured to become one of our new Mini Snugs. Most excitingly our Restaurant and Terrace Bar are having a major refurbishment – downstairs we are creating a new lighter brighter space with a new layout and completely new look, whilst upstairs our Terrace Bar is getting extended slightly to take full advantage of the amazing view with an enlarged outdoor terrace space.

What inspires you the most in your job?
The Mount Haven has always had a special place in my heart ( I worked as a waitress here 15 years ago as a second job whilst I saved up to go travelling) So being here now and seeing the business grow and develop is really special. We are lucky to have an incredible team and I am proud of how hard they all work to deliver the best experience for the guests – they inspire me daily.

What do you love about working and living in West Cornwall?
I left Cornwall when I was 17 and moved to London, where I worked for 6 years before travelling and working abroad. I was lucky to visit some amazing places but I always knew I would move back down to Cornwall at some point and now, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.It'ss such a special place and I feel so lucky to be able to bring my son up here. Not only is it beautiful and packed with great things to do, but the people are also very special. I live in a beautiful little fishing village called Porthleven and nothing beats finishing work on a summers day and going down to the harbour for a swim and to watch my son jump off the harbour walls. (You can’t beat a proper Cornish Pasty either!!)

What is the vision for the Mount Haven in 2019?

It’s all about the guest for us, so we will continue to focus on a quality guest experience as it will always be important. With the new restaurant and bar space, and with Ross in the kitchen, the food will be a real focus for 2019 and I can’t wait for everyone to see the new finished space, old faces and new!

What is your favourite cocktail?
Oh that’s a tough one – I’m not sure I have a favourite as such, but when choosing a cocktail I like to go for something I’ve not tried before. I like to see interesting ingredients and flavour combinations and always love to see a nod to the kitchen and menu style – its then of course got to look and taste great as well! We are currently doing some exciting work on our drinks list for 2019 and will have a new list when we re-open.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could choose only one meal to eat every day, what would that be?
Another tough one….. it would be a toss-up between mussels or a really good Sunday roast (saying that Ross’s Salt and Pepper squid is pretty incredible...)

What is the best location to watch a sunset in West Cornwall?
The Terrace Bar or Terrace at the Mount Haven!! Of course I have to say that, but honestly, no matter how many times you watch the sunset over the St Michael’s Mount it never ever gets boring.