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18 July 2018

Outdoor Theatre in Cornwall

From the famous cliffs of the Minack Theatre to the magic of The Lost gardens of Heligan, there is plenty to be enjoyed outdoors this summer.

We've been experiencing some wonderful weather in Cornwall over the last few weeks, making it all the more enjoyable to be outdoors and enjoying the creative masterpieces taking place across the county. Here are a few of our recommendations: 

3rd  – 22nd July: Wildworks 100:Unearth, Lost Gardens of Heligan - Follow WildWorks into the Underworld, woven through The Lost Gardens of Heligan and the unfolding of a show with a love story at its heart; an exploration of grief and tragedy with a deeply moving ending.

30th July – 3rd August: Hertfordshire Players: Alice, The Minack Theatre - Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Laura Wade’s Alice breathes exciting new life in to a much-loved story. Be prepared to join Alice as she travels down the rabbit hole to a Wonderland like you’ve never seen before.

2nd - 24th August: UBU Karaoke, The Lost Gardens of Heligan - Inspired by Alfred Jarry’s riot-inducing masterpiece, Kneehigh will wind-up and let rip their own version of theatre’s most anarchic creation - KING UBU. Expect world-class buffoonery from Kneehigh stalwarts in this deliriously unhinged improvised promenade musical (surely the first of its kind)! Featuring some of the most iconic rock & pop anthems of all time, given a fresh run for their money by a belting Kneehigh band plus an extraordinary choir of extras – you!

4th & 5th August: Helston Theatre: Jamaica Inn, Penlee Park Open Air Theatre - Deep in the bleak Bodmin Moor sits Jamaica Inn, home to tempestuous landlord Joss Merlyn. It is “no place for a girl”. Newly orphaned Mary Yellan is hoping to find solace at the Inn with her Aunt Patience, but she soon discovers mysterious goings-on in the dead of the night. On the dark and windswept moor, Mary seeks to uncover the truth but finds herself ensnared in the shadowy activities taking place around her.

6th August: The Dancing Frog - Kneehigh Asylum, The Lost Gardens of Heligan - The Asylum is back in a new site at The Lost Gardens of Heligan and plans are afoot to create the ultimate night out! Watch the story of poor Gertrude unravel. She thinks she’ll never laugh or love again. But then she has a lucky encounter on a lily pad. With a frog. Called George. Suddenly, things are looking bright again!

10th & 11th August: Miracle Theatre: The Cherry Orchard, Trebah Garden Ampitheatre - This summer, Miracle unpacks Chekhov’s bittersweet comedy about a once-wealthy family, whose idleness and extravagance have brought them to the brink of bankruptcy. Bill Scott’s new adaptation treads the tragicomic tightrope, bringing out all the humour and pathos of Chekhov’s masterpiece which, more than a century after it was written is as popular as ever.

10th August: To Life Productions: Solstice - Tales of Midsummer, Penlee Open Air Theatre - This original work production brings to life ancient midsummer folklore, with magic, master, kings and fairies and everything in-between!

17th Aug – 2nd September: Rogue Theatre: Wild, Tehidy Woods - This immersive theatre adventure starts with an enthralling journey along the wandering paths of Cornwall’s breathtakingly beautiful Tehidy Woods North Cliffs.  Journey through the trees where chance meetings with wolves, witches, faeries, princesses and fairy tale creatures will weave you into the magic of the Wild world.

17th August – 2nd September: Rogue Theatre: Firebird, Tehidy Woods - Firebird tells a tale of astonishing and dreadful beauty, about fire, about forgotten magic, revenge and the consuming flames of desire. This is a tale of a Celtic Warrior Queen, a new world with new kings, the unrestrainable force of savage love and the cost of stealing from the old gods.