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02 September 2019

St Ives September Festival

Taking place across two colourful, creative and wonderfully chaotic weeks, the St Ives September Festival is not to be missed!

Back in 1977, the St Ives September Festival’s humble origins began, organised from a little kitchen in Teetotal Street. Ambitious from the get-go, the festival rapidly increased in popularity, soon outgrowing its little galley and attracting locals and visitors from far and wide. These days, the festival is a widely-anticipated event, taking place across two colourful, creative and wonderfully chaotic weeks.

Brighter and better than ever, this year the St Ives September Festival 2019 will be held once again, this time from Saturday 14th to Saturday 28th September. Featuring a dazzling collaboration of diverse local and visiting talent, festival-goers will be treated to a huge array of stalls, exhibitions and displays. From walks to talks and from interactive workshops to seat-gripping theatre, there truly is something to wow onlookers of all ages and interests.

If you have never been before, the festival takes place all across St Ives. Famed for its sheer beauty and unique natural light, the town’s jaw-dropping harbour, white-washed cottages and spindly streets make for the perfect backdrop. And, with over 300 events for you to look forward to, there will be more than enough to keep you entertained. Take a look at the what’s on daily programmes to pencil in your must-sees.

If you are a music fan, the St Ives September Festival 2019 headliners include Scottish folk-singing legend Dougie MacLean, as well as festival legends Show of Hands, the popular Irish band Dervish and Cornish folksinger extraordinaire Geoff Lakeman. For extra musical goodness, you can also enjoy the festival’s five-night musical marathon, including a cult-favourite Rocky Horror Show themed night. 

Of course, as well as the events taking place, you will still also be able to enjoy the town’s eclectic array of eateries, pubs and shops. Take your fill of poetry, comedy and art, or perhaps wind down with a spot of yoga or guided walk. Once you are ready for replenishment, head to one of the foodie stalls or grab a spot in one of St Ives’ sea-front bars and watch the world go by.

If you would like to secure yourself a spot to see your favourite show, make sure you book yourself a ticket. These can be purchased online, as well as at the St Ives Information Centre and Penzance Tourist Office.