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14 April 2019

UK Coffee Week - Origin Coffee

From 29th April to 5th May this year, a charitable fundraising week organised by the Allegra Foundation will be held to celebrate the nation’s love of coffee and raise funds for communities across the globe.

Established by the Allegra Foundation, Project Waterfall has recognised the major water crisis coffee growing communities face. A delicious cup of liquid goodness, coffee is not only a luxury but for some, a staple part of daily routine. But, the reality is that the majority of coffee growers at the end of the supply chain come from developing countries. Many of these people come from communities where access to clean water is a daily struggle, and the effects of poor sanitation, health and physical labour are sorely felt.

So what’s the aim of Coffee Week?

Coffee is a water-intensive crop, requiring more water to grow than tea, sugar and barley. Naturally, the best tasting coffee comes from the best tasting water. This is the important bit. If enough funds can be raised, coffee-growing communities can be provided with vital access to fresh, clean water. Breaking the poverty cycle, this water will give communities the opportunity to lead a better quality of life, improve health, further education, and of course, grow even greater coffee creating a greater income.

Is it that simple? Yes, it is. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and has a global following, from morning-pick-me-uppers to elite coffee connoisseurs. By getting on board with the UK Coffee Week, you can raise awareness and support, helping to bring water to people who need it most.

Origin Coffee

Based in Helston, Origin Coffee is one of the UK’s leading speciality coffee roasters and understands all too well the importance of delivering exceptional quality with sustainable methods. Travelling across continents every year, Origin’s dedicated team experience first-hand the fantastic work of coffee growers. Selecting only the highest quality beans and forging strong relationships with generations of farmers, Origin adopts a reverent approach to both its coffee and its farmers.

Looking ahead to the UK Coffee Week, Origin are keen to help spread the message. “As stated by Project Waterfall, clean drinking water is a basic human right which every person in the world should have access to. To help raise funds, we’ll be running various activities throughout Origin.” Making sure every penny counts, Origin have promised that “100% of the funds raised by Origin Coffee during UK Coffee Week 2019 will support an ongoing project in partnership with WaterAid, to raise funds for and bring clean drinking water to the rural Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia.” Make sure you keep an eye on their website for details. 

How to get involved

Thanks to the generous support of sponsors and all those who raise funds each year, the UK Coffee Week aims to change the lives of coffee growers. Pushing for a positive future for coffee-growing communities and our most well-loved of beverages, this is a cause we can all get behind.

If you would like to get involved, help spread the word and donate. From coffee lovers to cafes to retailers, there are different ways everyone can get involved. Click here to find out more.